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Why choose Kluch Gold?

You should choose us as your source for 07 gold because with our efficiency you will receive a fast service, unlike our competitors who are China based. We also sell our gold at a great low price! Fast Service + Low Prices = Satisfaction.

Before renting you must accept these terms

1. You are to remain within world 302 Duel Arena at all times while using the account.
2. No refunds, you are paying for a set amount of time whether you choose to utilize the full time period or not is up to you.
3. No breaking of any of Runescape’s in-game rules while using the account. This includes scamming, swearing, macroing, DDosing, Bug Abusing, and RWTing.
4. No streaming or commission staking is allowed on the account, not even 0%.
We are not responsible for any bans or mutes during the service, we are not liable to refund you any lost gold or any lost time.
5. You are not allowed to remove any items of the account that did not belong to you.
6. You are not allowed to change ingame name.
7. You are not allowed to share account details with others.
8. You are required to pay a 2m security deposit which is non refundable.
9. You are to leave private chat on friends and do not delete anyone the friends list.
10. If you have gone offline for more then 10 minutes, we will be sure that you have finished with renting and we will end your service, we do have the right to end your service early if you break any rules mentioned above.
11. If you ask us to transfer gold for you we are not responsible for any lost gold due to bans while transferring.
12. Breaking any of the Rental Terms of Service will result in immediate recovery of the account and seizure of all assets on the account, including the rental fee and deposit. No refunds will be given in this case.

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